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You own a hotel or authentic accommodation such a country house, castle, finca, quinta or pousada?

Your company is based in Germany, Portugal (including Madeira and the Azores), Italy, France, the Benelux countries, Switzerland, GB/Ireland/Scotland, Scandinavia (further/other countries on request)? You are looking for incentive travels?

You are a tour operator specialized in adventure or nature travels, culture, gourmet or golf trips, watersports or tailored family vacations?

You take care of the individual, sophisticated and/or the challenging needs and requests of 21st century clients? You are looking for clients who are looking for exactly what you have to offer? Let me help!


Revision and Editing

Target-oriented revision of your homepage to assess the content, perspectives, current trends and German visitor expectations:

Texts for websites, texts and concepts for catalogues, flyers, brochures, customer magazines, text optimization, editing, press releases, research, interviews, reportage.


Internet sites and further promotion materials such as catalogues, flyers, brochures, presentations and customer magazines. Languages: into German from Portuguese, Italian, English, French, Dutch and Spanish.


On request: Sonder presentations at carefully selected locations and trade fairs: Thematic and country specific networking B-B and B-C. Original, creative and individual interface between customer and provider. Get in touch!

Contact maintenance

You offer distinctive holiday and travel products and are looking for a sales and marketing partner in Germany or Europe? I can establish and maintain professionally relevant business contacts for you (incentives, travel, tourism), and provide support for special marketing and sales activities. B-C on request (appearance at trade fairs/further individual marketing, sales and promotion activities).

Product development

Support for and coordination of the development of new tourist themes, tours and offers and assistance in making them identifiable and placing them on the market – structured for specific target groups and adapted to the current travel climate in individual countries.

Individual Travel Consultancy

Travel worldwide, mobile travel agency, personal consultancy

You are looking for a personal travel consultancy tailored to fit your individual needs? You don’t want to spend unnecessarily and unhelpfully long periods of time looking for your dream holiday? Let me offer you an individualized solution that ensures you spend the most precious time of the year doing exactly what you want in places and locations that suit your needs and wishes. Contact me via phone or email make an appointment to see me personally in Berlin and surrounding area.

As agency representative and partner of several tourism providers in Europe (such as Trentino, the Netherlands, Portugal - including Madeira and the Azores) I provide special and additional travel options, that you won't find at high-street travel agencies. Get in touch!

As an independent travel consultant who works with a skills and service center, I can book your holiday the same way every travel agent does. I am particularly specialized in consultancy regarding individual family holidays, active vacations that bring you close to nature, wellness specials, water sports, golf trips, pleasure trips, culture and educational journeys, river and sea cruises and stays in authentic accommodation.

Please feel free to visit my site for inspiration and information


In assessing your needs, I can tailor your family holiday, offering you the perfect choice of beautiful destinations and accommodation with everything you require, including contact with the country and its people, and child-care facilities. Most modern families see their holiday as a chance to leave behind the stresses of everyday life, and many want a trip that balances adventure and new experience with relaxation and education. A tailor-made approach ensures such wishes are fulfilled.


You are looking for a special kind of travel? You like to test your limits and experience new things that bring you closer to finding your inner harmony? To explore yourself by exploring your natural surroundings?


You are looking for a complete de-stressing of body and soul in authentic locations and architecture? Find unparalleled relaxation in the perfect setting. Just for you.

Aquatic sports/Golf

Exclusive offers for sporting and leisure activities such as golf or water sports are on offer at many locations around the world. Make your choice.

Culture and Enjoyment

Experience special interactions with other cultures and habits by sampling their products and learning about their traditions, customs, thinking, religion and art and crafts. Use simplicity and clarity to reach the core of life and to experience one's true self.


You want to experience the spirit of castles and manor houses that give you a sense of history and interconnection? You want to feel like ancient lords? You might decide to spend the most precious time of the year in traditional and historical buildings such as fincas or pousadas where a special atmosphere is coupled with personalized services that ensure you a unique and memorable stay. Come and be enchanted, experience mystical atmospheres where history seeps into the here and now and dreams become reality.

Coach for intercultural skills

Training for intercultural awareness and understanding

Country and culture specific training

Team development for international teams

The above offers are ideal for companies that work with international teams in Germany and EU-based companies with business ties in Germany – or those looking to build such relations. In order to adapt to changing economic and political needs, the offers are in constant development: workshops, training and coaching are most effective when they enhance the synergies between practical and theoretical elements. The main focus is always the personal, individual experience. Group projects led by a drama therapist and a qualified communications expert are one of the keys to developing a creative atmosphere in which new experiences, awareness and perspectives lead to well-reflected and effective intercultural behaviour.

Get in contact with me!


Agency for intercultural communication services
- bridging the world on a single wavelength

Individual consultancy/sales and marketing/presentations for tourism providers – reach your customer directly!

Born in the town of Freiburg im Breisgau in 1969, I studied musicology, anthropology (non-European cultures with special focus on legal and religious ethnology) and German philology (modern literary studies). After several extended stays in various European countries as well as the United States, Australia, Indonesia and China, I trained as a consultant in tourism management. Given my intention to work abroad for a longer period of time, I also qualified to teach German as a foreign language.

Working both as a teacher (adults) and for different branches of the tourism industry – including luxury hotels, tourist boards, tour operators, travel agencies and tourism marketing (+ fair management) - allowed me to acquire far-reaching professional expertise in the fields of intercultural communication, business and understanding. As such, my clients benefit from an interesting network of contacts in the tourism sector.

In January 2014, I completed my studies to become a trainer and coach for intercultural understanding at Berlin's Humboldt University. The aim was to further deepen and broaden my comprehension of the national-emotional characteristics of European countries, which is critical for common success, both in business negotiations (B-B) and between providers and visitors, and to provide a basis for respectful communication. Intercultural encounters while travelling and vacationing occur quite authentically and whether consciously or sub-consciously, are enriching experiences that lead to greater thought and reflection on both the foreign as well as one's own culture.

Let’s take advantage of that and work together for deeper understanding.
Sabine Sonder


By relying on Cavigar the business’s owner/client can expect to cooperate with a partner who has a gained a long and valuable experience in the sector of interior decoration and organisation of businesses’ premises.

Cavigar offers customised and turnkey furnishing solutions building the client’s necessities into a functional working environment with high aesthetic value.

Contact in Germany/Berlin: 030 936 209 61 oder 0152 066 240 89

Contact in Italy/Mantova: 0039 0376 42668

The Design Department is made up of professionals specialising in the field of architecture, building, and interior design. Such professionals work closely to the client who is given the possibility to evaluate the several possible furnishing solutions in a 3D realistic rendering beforehand.

One more service provided by Cavigar in the sector of shops and businesses’ furnishing is that of providing the necessary equipment to the production and conservation of food and drinks, such as display racks, hot and cold counter windows, refrigerators and refrigerating stalls and all the essential accessorizes to guarantee the complete functionality for bar, restaurant, (gastronomy) or any other shop specialising in the food and non-food industry.


GAZZETTA SUMMER CAMP was born from the cooperation between SPORT&SCHOOL, Italian leader in the YOUTH TOURISM SECTOR, with an experience of more than 30 years in the management of Sports Holidays taking place in natural settings focused on fun, group activities and friendship amoung the participants.

The Camps’ aim is not only to offer our participants some leisure time to spend with groups of peers sharing the same passions, but also to give them the opportunity to learn and grow their individual potential.


Gazzetta Summer Camp organizes holidays for youngsters from 6 to 19 years of age in Italy in some wonderful resorts of Trentino Alto Adige and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions.

Many are the activities included in each one of the 30 Camps offered, among which we have the Multisport Camp, which combines the practice of different types of sports disciplines, and the Technical Camps dedicated to Basketball, Football, Water Polo, Volleyball, Rugby, Fencing, Tennis, Dance, Gymnastics Artistic, Karate and Martial Arts, Horse Riding, Synchronized Swimming, Gymnastics Rhythmic, Airsoft, Badminton, and Golf.

Not only Sport but also study holidays: our range of offers also includes the Foreign Languages Camps (English, French, German and Spanish are the available languages), in which half day will be dedicated to sport and the other half to enjoyable lessons and a lot of conversation with native speaker teachers.



B-B tour operators, companies, tourism organisations and hotels/accommodation

Please don't hesitate to contact me via email sabine[at] or phone
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B-C Individual Travel Advice

I look forward to hearing your personal wishes and requirements, and will be happy to make you an offer. You can reach me via phone +49(0)30 93 62 09 61 and mobile +49 0152 06 62 40 89, per email under info[at] and on my holiday homepage – where you also have the option of booking in by yourself. In Berlin and the surrounding area, I can also offer to meet in person.
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